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Trust the Process

The recovery process is as unique as a fingerprint;  what you have experienced and how long you've been in your process will determine what steps we will take together.  The goal is for you as a client to get to a place where you are actively working a plan in your healing process. If you trust the process, you can get to a healthier place day by day.  Together we will:

1. Explore

In order to discover where you want to be, we need to "unpack" where you've been and where you are now.  We'll get clear on your recovery goals and what kind of work we'll need to do to explore what's going on inside and how you arrived at the present place. 

2. "Write the Vision and Make it Plain"

Once we're clear on what's happened in your life, we'll begin the journey toward your recovery goals. We'll work together as things come up, both in your thoughts and feelings.  It may be intense at times.  Know that this is normal and necessary. We'll dig deep to establish the current obstacles that you face daily and what steps might be necessary as "life is happening" and you are changing. But we will take whatever time is needed to do it at a pace that's comfortable for you and allows things to come up organically.

3. Walk The Journey

Week by week, we will allow your own unique process to unfold.  You will learn to trust yourself and your inner impressions.   You will begin again to connect what you think, what your feel, what is happening in your body AND you ability to make choices for your highest good.  I'm not going to pretend this will be easy.  It will not.  But with each step, you will begin to see amazing changes and growth as you walk toward the person you've always been on the inside...confident, competent and authentic.  There are millions of people on the planet making the decision to push down what is really going on inside themselves and the impact of trauma in their lives. The fact that you are reading this is proof that you want more.  It's time to walk this journey and I will be there to help you every step of the way.  

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