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Welcome to the Journey

Adversity and suffering are two of life's greatest teachers.  Through them, we learn how we can grow.


I was born into generations of trauma; physically, sexually, emotionally and psychologically.  Early on, I felt like there was something I was carrying weight for more than myself or what I'd been through.  As a child I was sexually abused at an early age and still do not have full memory of what happened to me, but the impact of this has continued to show up in my life in various ways;  a teenage pregnancy at 18, failed relationship after relationship, self-sabotaging choices, emotional instability and many other things have been a part of my journey.  My adult life has been filled with trying to earn people's acceptance and love and ignoring my own desires, needs, and what was best for me to the point of mental and physical breakdown. 


I got to the place where I came to the end of myself and asked God to save me...and He did.  I left relationships, jobs, and environments, that were abusive, cut off connections that were harming me and I also faced the ways I'd protected myself that actually hurt other people too.  I finally made the choice to vote for myself, and stop trying to earn acceptance by appearance and performance.  I began a journey toward the truth of who I am and the truth I know I was created for.

I have first-hand experience with many kinds of abuse and fighting off its damaging effects.  As a certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I will come alongside your life to help you find that inner voice of truth and light that is unique to your journey.  I am a peer and fellow survivor and we will both learn and grow while on the journey together.

It is intrinsic in almost every survivor of trauma to have had the experience of being unseen, unheard, and not believed.

I declare with confidence that as your coach and with God's help,

I will see you,

I will hear you,

I will believe you &


You matter to God and you matter to me.

Let's begin the journey of coming out of the darkness of your trauma into the light of new beginnings. 

"Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” 

― Brene Brown

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